Important Dates
Faculties & Speakers

Awtar Krishan (University of Miami, USA)
Howard Shapiro (One World Cytometry, Inc., USA)

Frontier Lecture:
Microbial cytometry: time to get serious

Tutorial Lecture: Cytometric history: flow and beyond
Paul Robinson (Purdue University, USA)

Frontier Lecture:
A microfluidic channel-based detection and analysis of single 10-100 nm particles by reflective phase grating 

Tutorial Lecture: Basics of flow cytometry
Rienk Nieuwland (Amsterdam University, Netherlands) 

Frontier Lecture:
Detection of extracellular vesicle by flow cytometry: small, smaller, smallest 

Tutorial Lecture: Minimal requirements for EV isolation/purification, EV characterization and EV functional studies
John Nolan (Scintillon Institute, USA)

Frontier Lecture:
Vesicle flow cytometry for EV detection, sizing, and immunophenotyping 

Tutorial Lecture: Quality control of nanocytometry
Joanne Lannigan (University of Virginia, USA)

Frontier Lecture:
Visualization and quantitation of nanoparticles with imaging flow cytometry

Tutorial Lecture: Panel design and multi-color panel setup
Haiying Hang (Institute of Biophysics, China)

Frontier Lecture:
Identification of multiple bacterial subpopulations with flow cytometry with increased detecting parameters and resolution
Xiaomei Yan (Xiamen University, China)

Frontier Lecture:
Development of high sensitivity flow cytometry for the quantitative analysis of natural and synthetic nanoparticles

Tutorial Lecture: How to make accurate size measurements of viruses, nanomedicines, and extracellular vesicles
Maggie Wang (University of Sydney, Australia)

Tutorial Lecture:
Lab management & biosafety